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New England Natural Health Services (NENHS) offers professional licensed healthcare to those looking for help with chronic health issues.  Licensed Acupuncture, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition, Laser Therapy, Health Counseling and more are available for you, your family and your business/company!

Whether you are looking to deal with a stubborn health issue or are simply interested in feeling your best, having a clearer mind, sharper focus or reaching physical, mental or spiritual goals, Paul Gerst L.Ac. has vast education and experience at designing programs and guiding people to optimal health and performance.

Paul has helped many people recover from a wide variety of health issues, from minor to serious, but he specializes in allergies/asthma, digestive disorders and depression/anxiety.  Having written his degree plan in Counseling with the specific intention of going to school for acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Paul excels in working with body, mind and spiritual issues. Past and present Patients have commonly stated that they got more out of their visits with Paul than they'd ever imagined before coming for their first visit! 

Nutrition Response Testing and NENHS Supplement Program!

"If you buy from me, your consult is FREE!"  Please call to find out more and if you know of anyone struggling with health issues, who may need help with their supplements or may be spending too much, please tell them to call. Whether you want to normalize your blood sugar, cholesterol, lose weight, reduce pain/stress/tension, detoxify, alleviate anxiety or depression or more, call 774-283-2726


NENHS PLYMOUTH--30 Golf Drive (in the Racquet & Fitness Ctr), Plymouth, MA                        HOURS:  Mondays 11-7,  Wednesdays (by appointment), Thursdays 10-5  

NENHS Community Acupuncture--763 State Rd  (in The Nathan Hale Foundation) Plymouth, MA.  COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTUREFridays 9-Noon.  This location is on a walk-in basis and is cash only. Donation-only for Veterans and $30 (or sliding fee scale) for the general public.


3V-VIM, VIGOR, VINEGAR! Organic Apple Cider Vinegar aged with garlic, ginger, horseradish, jalapeno and onion...a tonic with a kick! Helps keep the liver/gall-bladder clean, supports healthy digestion and more! Approximately 1 Tblspn/day (2 tsp if sensitive or under 150 lbs) to start 1-2x/day. 16 oz bottle $15.

3P-POWERFUL, POP, PAIN-RELIEF! Turmeric, Ginger, Pine, Cacao, Rosemary, Wintergreen, Bay Leaf in Vodka. 2 droppers full under the tongue for 20 seconds then swallow or if sensitive to alcohol, place in 4-6 oz of sub-boiling water for approximately 8-10 minutes and then drink. Up to 4 doses per day, as needed. 
2 oz bottle $20, 4 oz bottle $35.

3E-EXCITING, ELEVATING, ENERGIZING! Concentrated Mate', Bacopa, Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Schisandra, Holy Basil. 1 dropper full under tongue for 30 seconds then swallow, 3x/day. Take on empty stomach. If stomach feels raw, take with small meal. 2 oz bottle $25, 4 oz bottle $45.


SPECIAL OFFERINGS & MEDIA:                                                         

*If you would like to have Paul come to your office or group to do community acupuncture, please call him at 774-283-2726.  His special style (essential oils, tuning forks and more) is very popular!  

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Call 774-283-2726 to schedule your complementary initial 10 minute phone consultation!


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are a new patient to NENHS, please visit the Patient Forms section of this website and copy off and fill-out the Initial Evaluation Form ("long" for more complicated issues, "short" for simpler issues)  and the Acupuncture Patient Consent Form.  This will allow more time for YOU!